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September 28th – October 5th 2018

Portland, OR

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Bringing Oregon together to celebrate, connect, and support our consumer product ecosystem.

We are excited to return with year two of the  Built Up Festival – an event to celebrate the makers, brands, and regions that together, create Oregon’s unique consumer product tapestry.

As we did in 2017, this year will be full of community events over the week culminating in the Main Event at Ziba Design on 10/5.

Join us as we look to continue building an event that helps to position Oregon as the leader of consumer product  entrepreneurship and innovation.

Community Events

Main Event

Community Events

Keep checking back as new ones will be added over the coming weeks!

The consumer product ecosystem in Oregon is one that is stitched together through stories, insights, and collaboration. In that vein, we have set up a series of fireside-type conversations — conversations that will look to bridge Oregon’s rich consumer product legacy, while highlighting current trends and innovations.

Main Event: Fireside Conversations

Program Emcee: Jordan Hayles, Founder of Radical Brand Lab

(Please note that this is not the actual run of show order )

Registration Cost:$125

The Early Bird price of $99 is still applicable on group and scholarship purchases. If interested, please email mitch[at]builtoregon.com

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.

Creating healthy (and tasty) food for all

Explore Oregon’s unique legacy, advantage and innovation in plant based foods.

Seth Tibott

Chairman and Founder, The Tofurky Company

Kim Gibson Clark

President & CEO, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Forging new paths

Using traditional manufacturing techniques, these two companies have created industry leading products that are built to last.

Ron Khormaei

Founder, Finex Cast Iron Cookware

Scott Miyako

President, Portland Razor Company

Building brands through a purposeful connection

Learn about how a company’s innovation and competitive advantage does not have to be a zero-sum game.

Shannon Keith

Founder & CEO, Sudara

David Kahl

Founder & CEO – Fully

A spirit of paying it forward

Learn about how a strong sense of community, support, and innovation is driving the success of Oregon craft spirits.

Jill Kuehler

Founder, Freeland Spirits

Erik Martin

Cofounder, Aria Gin

The healthy side of innovation

When you peel back the layers of ‘healthy snacks’ to their core, what you find is a group of visionaries that are reimagining the products we eat.

Dan Klock

CEO, Bridgetown Natural Foods

Becca Williams

President & Cofounder, Red Plate Foods

Reading the tea leaves

Oregon has been, and continues to be, a leader in tea. Hear how these two companies are creating authentic ways to engage consumers through product innovation and experiences.

Lauren Purvis

Founder, Mizuba Tea Co.

Darren Marshall

CEO, Smith Teamaker

Emergency beer club

A talk on community, support, vulnerability, and the importance (and rules) around building meaningful relationships.

Jason Bolt

Founder & CEO, Revant Optics

Emma Mcilroy

CEO, Wildfang

Additional fireside conversations are in the works

Happiest of Hours Reception

End the day by enjoying drinks and snacks from some awesome Oregon companies, while mingling with industry leaders and your fellow event attendees.

Built Vendor Fair

Presented by Greater Portland Inc

The Built Vendor Fair is a showcase of companies associated with the Bridges program, along with other unique and up and coming brands. Attendees can meet the founders, talk to them about their products, and most importantly, support the following incredible brands – with more to come!
HAB Sauce, Deadstock Coffee, Rose Alchemista, Tyosha’s Kitchen, Donna’s Macarons, Orquideta Violeta, Aesthete TeaSilly Daisy, Longhouse NW Bath & Wellness, Mathilde’s Roselle Ginger Brew, Kaah Salsas, Cultural Blends, Wanpaku Foods, Que Bola, Letra Chueca, How Sweet it Is, Sandino Coffee, and dfrntpiegeon.

Registration Cost:$125

The Early Bird price of $99 is still applicable on group and scholarship purchases. If interested, please email mitch [at]builtoregon.com

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.


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